7/7/2018 New individual photos of  7 weeks old Z-puppies 




5.07.2018   Puppies got their metrics from ZKwP





1/7/2018 New photos of 6 weeks old puppies in Z-litter gallery


Puppies are 6 weeks old, they are vaccinated for infectious diseases with the first vaccine. See how they grew and changed over this week!





23.06.2018 - 5 weeks old  puppies have new pictures in their gallery




17.06.2018 New pictures of 4 weeks old Z-puppies


Z litter is 4 weeks old tooday. You can see pictures of puppies in their gallery





03.06.2018 The gallery of Z litter has started!!


Thera are pictures of 1week old and also 2 weeks old Z-babies. You can find there also very first individual photos of Z-pups. 





We have RR puppies!!!


20.05.2018 litter Z was born!! This time Rewelka is a mother for the first time - the youngest female in our kennel. The father of Z litter is beautiful Akin. We have 11 pupies, 6 boys & 5 girls. All are healthy, strong, vital, with proper sucking reflex. All puppies have ridges, 1 boy (light blue) has 1 additional crown in ridge and a little kinky tail. No DS and another defects.

Mom and puppies are doing well. Rewelka has a lot of milk and she is very caring and resourceful mother. She gave birth herself, with the forces of nature, with my help.


More details and photos of future parents are in: Rewelacja/Progeny 


If you are interested in puppies from Rewelka, please contact us!


Below photos of puppies from the second day after delivery








We expect RR puppies!!!


Near 20 -23.05 we expect a new litter of Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies, it will be a "Z" litter . This time Rewelka will be the mother for the first time - - the youngest female in our kennel. The father of the future litter will be beautiful Akin.


More details and photos of future parents are in: Rewelacja/Progeny 

If you are interested in puppies from Rewelka, please contact us!







18/02/2018 The last female from W litter left


Today Wena (light blue girl) left with her new family to her new home. She will live there with 3 dachshunds and 2 children (and with owners of course). We wish the whole family beautiful moments together... and her - that as soon as possible acclimatized in a new, loving home!





10.01.2018  We still have 3 available RR puppies from W-litter !!!


There are beautiful, standard 2 girls & 1 boy for shows: yellow girl - Witamina, light blue girl - Wena and brown boy - Wiwat. They are 10 weeks old now. 

Below photos of these puppies. More photos in the Gallery of W-litter.

Contact regarding puppies - here













11.11.2017  Gallery of W litter 


Gallery of puppies from W litter already works - welcome!!





 30.10.2017  The birth of W litter


We are very happy to announce that 30.10.2017 W-litter was born in kennel "z Werwa". This time mom is PRIMABALERINA z Werwą, and dad is Maanhaar Primo-Creatus Fateful BENJAMIN. We have 8 girls and 2 boys. More info tab: Prima / Offspring 







25.092017  USG


We are happy to announce that the USG test has confirmed, that RR puppies will be born in our kennel at the end of October!! -  it will be "W" litter.  This time a mother will be a female from our kennel - PRIMABALERINA z Werwą . She will have puppies for the first time. The father of the future litter will be beautiful Benjamin - Maanhaar Primo-Creatus Fateful Benjamin.  More details in the Prima / Offspring.

Here contact with the breeder for people interested in puppies from the expected W litter.




29-30.08.2017 mating of Prima


In those days we visited our friend in the Czech Republic where Prima was mated twice by very handsome Benjamin :-)  Now we are looking forward to the results of this dating. Our beloved Primka is to become a mother for the first time. Soon further information about her expected litter in  Prima / Offspring 




10.03.2017 New individual photos of RR puppies from T litter 



22.02.2017  Welcome to the gallery 5 and 6 weeks old puppies





17.02.2017 Video T litter 4 weeks old 




6.02.2017 New photos of 3 weeks old puppies





31.01.2017  We are two weeks old - welcome to our gallery !!


Today puppies from T litter are two weeks old -  they are beginning to open their eyes - which can be seen in pictures and take the first attempts to play with each other. They are becoming increasingly more mobile and resourceful. Soon they will stand on the legs and begin to walk.





23.01.2017  The first week is behind us - new pics in the gallery Litter T !! 


 The first week of T litter passed , puppies and mother are doing well. Babies grow up healthy and gaining weight..... actually they are very plump :-), because Laila as always has a lot of milk, and litter is not very large. 

Today, for the first time they were to cut nails and were very bravely :-)

Welcome to their gallery





RR puppies from T litter are already in the world !!!!


16.01.2017 born T litter from NASZA LAILA z Werwa. Father is HOMER Pręgowce z Jasienia. We have 7 puppies: 6 male & 1 female. All puppies are healthy and vigorous, with a high birth weight (from 560 to 470g). Current info about T litter you can read in: Laila / Progeny


Booking contact here. 












14.10.2016  There are still available male from S litter.

 Individual photos of S-puppies you can find in their gallery - WELCOME!!!



Below are photos of available male, more individual photos in the gallery litter S




Splendor - black boy - show quality







1.10.2016  S-litter is 5 weeks old


Today puppies are 5 weeks old. They grow and develop very quickly and change from day to day. Today they was dewormed the 2nd time. They eat dry food, beef and cottage cheese... and still breast milk.


1 year old Rewelka willingly takes care of them and likes to play with them. She helps her older sister Pokusa and learns motherhood  :-) - photos below.


New pictures of S-puppies are in their Gallery.






22.09.2016 Puppies have fun with their older sister Rewelka


Rewelka after a period of perinatal fears is now totally fascinated by puppies :-) :-)She doesn't want to leave their room and squeals to them all the time :-) :-D






5.09.2016   Gallery of S litter is already working !!!






3.09.216  1 week of S litter


Today puppies are 1 week old. They drink milk, gain weight and grow well. Every day they are weighed. Today I cut their claws for the first time - total I cut of 234 nails !! :-D


Here are the photos of week old puppies. Gallery of S litter starts soon!







27.08.2016  We have puppies !!!


On Saturday at 2:21 at night, our Pokusa became a mother !! :-) The first born a boy 400g  The birth took place on the forces of nature and ended at 01:18 p.m. this day. In total we have 13 puppies: 6 boys & 7 girls. We are as happy and proud as our Pokusa!!  :-)  Statistics of S-litter will be given later. Welcome to the website: Pokusa / Progeny







04.08.2016  New pictures of the future mommy







26.07.2016 Pregnancy of Pokusa is confirmed


Ultrasound at 21 days confirmed the pregnancy of Pokusa. We are vey happy :-)

Below the first pictures of puppies from litter S




We expect S-litter - date of birth about 08/30/2016


Multi CH. C.I.B. vice WW BISS 2013 imoprt USA:
(HD:A/A , ED:0/0, OCD:free, LTV:neg, BACK:neg, TAIL:neg. THYROID:negative, EYES:negative, DDstatus BB status - not carry any livernose gene 
More info about future father and his photo : http://www.ascot.cz/tino/front.htm


POKUSA z Werwą
((HD: A/A, ED: 0/0, OCD: free (-)(-), spondylosis: neg. (0), thyroid normal)




11.29.2015 New photos of Laila's puppies in the gallery of R-litter


See how R-puppies present themselves  in age 7 and 8 weeks - welcome to their gallery !!






17.11.2015  The next show successes of Luksus offspring 


Beautiful daughter of Luksus z Werwą - Acana Afrykańska Sfora (Whiskey) received 1 place in open class & CWC  on IDS Poznań 7.11.2015  









16.11.2015  Puppies after reviewing litter, vaccinated, tattooed


On Saturday puppies ended six weeks and passed an overview of the litter. They came out very well and received a lot of compliments. Litter control was done at the kennel and also concerns the social conditions and mothers of litter. Everything has been positively evaluated by the head of Section of VI group - Judge Grzegorz Weron. Puppies bravely passed tattooing, as well as earlier vaccination.


Below protocol review litter










 13.11.2015  New individual pictures of 5,5 weeks old puppies.


You are welcome to the Gallery of litter R







04/11/2015 A walk in the garden  :-)



Today we used the beautiful weather to explore the new surroundings in the garden and by the way also to socialization with our other dogs.  Adult females were attracted by the company of puppies and puppies with curiosity and enthusiasm make friends with giant relatives :-) Young Prima tried to play with her younger half-siblings, older Samba even mothered them and the oldest Revue looked after everything as a chief. Of course everything was done with the consent and in full agreement with the mother Laila :-)




More photos in the Gallery R-litter 







11.02.2015  New pictures of 4 week old puppies in the galleryR litter !!


Puppies are enough adult that can alone pose for their individual photos. Each of them has 2 photos at the age of 4 weeks. There are also collective photos from feeding - boys and girls separately. At the age of 3 weeks babies have also started to eat another food - not only mother's milk, but also dry food, ground beef and cottage cheese - introduced gradually. They have big appetites as always! :-)





30/10/2015  New gallery R litter !!!

R litter gallery is already working - it can be viewed at: Gallery R litter.

Every week we will add new photos of puppies.

Soon individual photos of 4 weeks old puppies - enjoy !! :-)





 25.10.2015  3 weeks of R litter


This weekend puppies are 3 weeks old. They look like dogs at last :-)  They walk quite nicely and play with each other. You can see the first social behavior and differences between puppies. The litter was protected against parasites the first time and had cropped claws once again. These are not so pleasant treatments but puppies were very brave  :-).


There are their new pictures at the age of 3 weeks








17.10.2015  R liter 2 weeks old


Today puppies finished two weeks. From two days they have already opened eyes and ears. They are also trying to walk. Laila still very tenderly cares for her children and feeds them. She still has enough food. Puppies drink a lot of milk, grow and are plump  :-). They doubled their birth weight In the 8-9 day. Twice they had already cut off the claws.


Here are today pictures of puppies at the age of two weeks








8.10.2015  5th day of R-litter


We have now entered the fifth day, as puppies are in the world. They grow,  drink milk from mum,  gain weight and sleep - these are now their main activities  :-)

Laila is very happy and proud mother!  bravely taking care of their children, feeds, licks and looks after tchem.









03.10.2015   We have puppies !!!  We accept reservations for puppies!


Tonight between. 3:00 and 6:25 Laila gave birth to her second litter - "R". There are 7 puppies - 4 females and 3 males. The birth proceeded quickly and easily. Laila coped perfectly.  All puppies are healthy, vital and strong  and also they have the correct sucking reflex. Birth weight is 480, 520 and 570g - so they are quite big. At this moment I have not found any faults or deviations from the standard,  all seven of them seems to be with show qualifications.


If you're interested, please contact me!

More details and photos on Laila / Progeny








26/08/2015   Expected R litter!!  Pregnancy of Laila confirmed!!


Today's ultrasound confirmed that puppies from the R litter  will be born at the beginning of October  - it will be the second Laila’s litter.

All interested please contact us by phone or email to confirm the booking a puppy.








2-4.08.2015   Mating of Laila


This day we visited with Layla on mating in friend kennel  Anunnaki in  Czech Republic. This time our choice was the beautiful  and titled Elvis - Kadamo It’s Now or Never.

Elvis is a dog which is corresponding with my breeding assumptions - with an interesting and valuable pedigree and perfect health, which is confirmed by numerous medical tests.

He is beautifully built, in elegant type. He has also a typical male head with the perfect expression and  has effective movement. He also has a very good mentality - is balanced, confident, cheerful.

These are the basic criteria that I consider choosing sires for my bitches - such that the puppies will be just as beautiful, healthy and good mentally, like their parents  and even they will represent a  higher level in the  breed , which is in accordance with the progress of breeding - one of the main ideas of breeding in my kennel.

Mating was in a natural way and without any problems and any complications. Now we are waiting for results  :-)




                          Elvis                                             Laila





Planned litter Rhodesian Ridgeback