MKAI Leoridge
(called Poker)



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STUD DOG recommended by RR Club in Poland (FCI)

born 11.10.2002

height: 68cm

HD - A,   ED - 0/0

full dentition, scissor bite

coulor: red wheaten

Temperament: very nice and friendly, joyful, brave, self-confident, not a little aggressive.

Import from Italia wih pure American pedigree. His parents are championsof USA and also of Italia.Poker is fromwell knownin Europa Kennel - named Leoridge.

His brother from the same litter Musafah is a leading stud dog in hands known Slovakian judge, RR-expert and authoress of book about RRs - Monika Tusanova. 



Poker (Mkai Leoridge) passed away on December 4, 2010. He was a dog of American blood, imported as a puppy in February of 2003 from a well-known Italian kennel of Leonor Leal. He was a great dog, proudly represented the breed at many international shows, revered by many judges. He was a great stud who left numerous descendants, beutiful both mentally and physically. Most importantly Poker was a great companion and a brave and avid athlete. Poker is no longer among us, but we always keep him in our hearts. Many of his descendats, now living in many parts of Europe, remind us of Poker with their expression, the look in their eyes, identical wrinkle pattern of the forehead, similar temperament, courage, openness. The fact that they look so similar to Poker is striking and recognizable from a distance- it brings me pleasure and satisfaction as a breeder to see Poker in them. Besides many wonderful descendats, Poker left us a ton of memories of great times and successful dog shows. I did not breed Poker, he came from far away, but be was a perfect choice. My intuition as a breeder did not fail. We will never forget him, nieither me nor Andrzej with his family, with whom Poker lived….